There is magic in creation! Ravior revels in the magic of jewellery, in the manipulation of metals and stones, since 1982. The brand produces avant-garde jewellery that has been crafted with extreme care and precision. Each piece of jewellery produced at Ravior is a unique a powerful work of art.

Born from creativity that knows no bounds, the jewellery created at Ravior is a mix of different sources of inspiration, cultures and ideas, which are continuously blended together so that each piece generated is unique and an innovation in itself.

Ravior believes that craftsmen are primordial in producing exceptional jewellery, and this is why the artisans working for Ravior are trained to the highest level. The brand’s foundations rest upon passion in achieving perfection, through precision in detail.

A family business, Ravior has transmitted the knowledge of creation through generations, consistently refined and increased with time. The company cherishes the immense value of each professional working for them, and of each client that partakes in the brand’s heritage.

Ravior consists of four major components:

RAVIOR UNIK deals in unique pieces and made to measure orders.

RAVIOR CLASSIC provides classic, timeless pieces all crafted to the Ravior standard.

RAVIOR DESIGN caters in limited edition Ravior pieces.

RAVIOR SELECTION consists of jewellery that has been specially selected by Ravior. Though the pieces are not necessarily crafted by the brand, they are all up to the brand’s standards.


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