Established in 1981, Giordano is one of the best known and established apparel retailers in the Asia Pacific region, with over 2,000 shops operating in 30 territories worldwide. Hong Kong-listed apparel brand Giordano has opened its doors for business in the island nation of Mauritius. A store is now open at Bagatelle Mall. 

We pride ourselves on being a ‘world brand’; and our overseas expansion initiative, which commenced several years ago, is now bearing fruit. We are extremely proud to be bringing our unique offering to the people of Mauritius”, said Mark Loynd, Executive Director and Head of Overseas Market Development at Giordano International Limited

Joining him in Mauritius for the shop opening is Giordano Middle East MD and stalwart of Giordano’s global expansion, Ishwar Chugani, who added, “Mauritius is a beautiful, inclusive nation which embodies our own brand ethos, ‘World Without Strangers’ – we are confident that Mauritius will welcome us and look forward to serving our customers here”.

Hoying Lee, Giordano’s Overseas Market Development Manager, concluded, “Mauritius has become one of the fastest advancing countries in the region. Our first four stores here will all be open by early December, and we have a great working relationship with our local partners; as such, we do not rule out further expansion possibilities here and in neighbouring countries”.

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